Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Yesterday for a whole hour I sat outside and watched my kids play. I noticed everything they did, commented on how well they jumped on the trampoline or rode their bike. There was nothing I didn't see and nothing I didn't make them feel good about. I could see how loved they felt and proud they were to show off their talents. And, surprisingly, it made me feel good, one of the moments in my day I felt like I was doing motherhood right...
Usually when I go outside with them I have my phone in one hand and my eyes are on it the whole time, I only look up if someone yelled out or hurt themself. But in that wonderful hour I realised that I not only need go out with them more often, but always without my phone. All that social media will always be there, but my little precious children wont be little for much longer. Before I know it they'll be grown and not in my backyard to enjoy.
So heres to a life handsfree. A life where my eyes and hands are there for my children. To love and hold and to take notice of every moment. Because on this journey I am realising that no matter how little what they do seems to me, to them its huge!!


  1. Yeah I'm guilty of doing this but recently I've actually played outside with my girls and had Phoebe in her rocker and it did us all a world of good. I think it's all about setting times when you go on social media and then being intentional when with your kids. :)