Saturday, November 8, 2014

a good (Gold Coast) Samaritan???

My wonderful husband took the girls and I out for dinner tonight - a mega treat for us! As we approached our restaurant we stopped at some traffic lights and there at a bus stop was a woman with about 15 grocery bags full of clothes. I couldn't tell if she was homeless and they were all her possessions or if she had just somehow come by them. She was wearing about 3 mismatched layers of clothes and was frantically going through the bags of clothes. My heart felt sad seeing someone in that state and instantly I wondered how she had got to that place in life. Immediately I thought of the parable of The Good Samaritan and I felt like the one who "worked" (served, worshiped) at the church and passed to the other side of the road and kept going. Who am I to know what I know, feel how I feel, believe what I believe and yet not even stop and just ask if she is ok? I used the excuse that we were having family time and I have 4 children etc etc but at the end of the day I saw someone in need and did nothing about it.
It's all about the one. It's all about love. It's all about loving the one. I don't have the answers all I know is how I'm feeling right now. That I'm thinking about that lady out there right now all alone. I pray that a Samaritan found her and loved her and fed her and clothed her.

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