Tuesday, June 9, 2015

our normal...my normal...

I often feel unsatisfied. Like there is so much more I should have or that I should do. Then I put on a load of washing, into my automatic washing machine that plugs into the wall with electricity that I can afford to make it work, and watch perfectly crystal clear water, that I make no effort to bring into my house, fall into the machine to wash my clothes that I have worn once. And it makes me think about people around the world and what their normal looks like. Some only own the clothes they're wearing. Some live without electricity. Some walk for miles to collect water, that probably isn't safe to drink, to use in their home for that day. Others wash by hand in a river and don't complain about it. In this small act I realised I do have enough. And what I own is probably more then what I need. I am always telling my girls to be thankful for what they have instead of asking for more. Perhaps I should practice what I preach.

This is Zarat, our sponsor child in Uganda, one of her jobs is to collect her families water-I wont even begin to tell what happens to a lot of girls who do this. She sends us letters thanking us for birthday money and telling us that she bought her first ever mattress with it-this leaves me speechless. She pays her school fees and buys her uniforms with it too. Completly unbelievable. May I be thankful for all I have and not take any of it for granted.

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