Wednesday, May 11, 2011


this week my husband decided to be thankful..i thought it was a fantastic idea and jumped on board..and wow we have so much to be thankful for..really no reason to complain..

thankful for the small and the big..nothing is exempt..thankful that my fridge and pantry are full..thankful that there is food in my tummy..thankful that my arms work and i can prepare meals for my family..thankful that i can walk to the beach everyday..thankful for my double pram that i can push to the beach and not have to carry my girls..

thankful that where i live is safe, safe not only for me or anyone to walk to the beach but that as a woman i am safe..thankful that my legs work..thankful for two amazing healthy daughters..

thankful that i have a computer and internet..thankful for clothes-cool and warm..thankful for a bed with sheets and blankets..thankful for a home to live in with walls and windows and fully enclosed roof/ceiling, with running water and electricity..thankful that i have a car and that i can put petrol in it..thankful that every week i can afford to buy food, that i'm not worried about my childrens next meal..i could go on and on..

then there was last friday when my baby started to choke, it wasnt the first time so we knew it was serious. after a minute or so i called 000 and the ambulance was on its way..the woman talked me through it all until they arrived..she had recovered by then but they suggested i go to the hospital just to have her checked..there they asked me to stay overnight so i was close if it happened again..i was suddenly reminded of a family i saw in a clip about Compassion (sponsor children) these parents couldnt afford a doctor let alone the hospital, but in a desperate final attempt to save their 2 year old daughter they took her to hospital, the father promising to pay..somehow someway..and as she lay in their arms and died her father tried to give her mouth to closing they wrote "poverty is when the breath in your lungs is all you have to give". i cried and cried thinking how tragic that would be..that night in the hospital i thought how incredible it was that i never once thought of cost or travel..i didnt have to go 100's of kilometres to the hospital, nor did it cost me to get there..once there i recieved the best care and immediatly because i have a baby..

i cant help but think of families all over the world who dont get this..or dont have this for themselves or their sick children..let alone food for themselves or their children..i'm going a long way around saying remember to be thankful..and if you can, change someone somewhere's life..

sponsor..donate..volunteer..whatever fits you best

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